Chest MRI and Chronic Kidney Problems: Prepare Your Kidneys For The Exam

If you’re scheduled for a chest MRI soon but suffer from chronic kidney problems due to diabetes, you may wonder if you need to make any special preparations before the test. If a doctor plans to inject dye into your veins before the scan, you need to have your kidneys examined beforehand. Your kidneys must be healthy enough to tolerate and eliminate the dye after the exam. Here’s why you need healthy kidneys and what you can do to get them ready for the exam.

Acupressure Might Help Your Chronic Tension Headaches And Neck Pain

If you have frequent headaches coupled with tension and soreness in your neck and shoulders, acupressure might help. Aches and soreness in your neck, head, and shoulder are often the result of physical or emotional stress. When you’re anxious, you may keep your muscles contracted, and that leads to soreness. You might also develop problems like this if you have poor posture while working on the computer for long periods. The strain on your neck can irritate a nerve that radiates pain to your head and shoulder.

Just Named Director Of Nursing For An Assisted Living Facility? Take These Steps

Coming into a new Director of Nursing (DON) position at an assisted living facility you don’t know well is a little scary. Your eagerness to enhance the experience of residents there can be high, but you might be concerned about challenges you’ve not yet been presented with. These action steps can ensure smooth changes for you, the residents, and your staff. Observe the Department Because your greatest responsibility is to oversee the nurses and aides, staff members might wonder whether you’ll come in and start changing things right away.

2 Things You Should Know About Getting A Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are many women who get a breast augmentation and they are very pleased with the results. There are many different reasons that a women would want a breast enhancement surgery. Perhaps she has had pregnancies that have caused her breasts to lose their shape and posture, or perhaps the woman has never been pleased with the size and shape. Some even get the surgery to help make the breasts look more symmetrical.

How To Go From Looking Clumsy To Getting Treated For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the first signs of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is dropping things accidentally on a regular basis. You can be holding your smart phone and it suddenly drops to the floor. It gets even more complicated when you are spilling morning coffee on your keyboard. This loss of sensitivity in your hand makes you look unproductive and clumsy. Read on to find out how to go from looking clumsy to getting treated for CTS.

Don't Let These Discouraging Beliefs Derail Your Ability To Lose Weight

One of the potential challenges of losing weight is that you can occasionally get in your own way. In other words, the discouraging thoughts that you may have can be big enough that they can derail your efforts. While it’s ideal to seek help from a local weight loss center, you should also be vigilant to catch yourself when you’re having a discouraging belief — and then quickly put it out of your head so that you can remain committed to reaching your goal of losing weight.

What Type Of Medical Professional Should You Choose As A Primary Care Practitioner?

Even if you do not get ill often, it is a good idea to have one medical professional you see anytime one is needed. This is the person you will see if you need a physical or feel ill. It is a good idea to have your first appointment when you are feeling well so there will be a baseline of information for your medical records. If you have moved or are looking for a regular medical professional, here are the different options available.

Three Things To Know If Your Baby Is Born With A Port Wine Stain

Hearing the hearty cry of your newborn is a relief for all new parents. After all, having a healthy baby is your number-one concern. But if your child is born with a cosmetic imperfection like a port wine stain, you may be seeking more information about what it is and what you can do. A port wine stain, also called nevus flammeus, is a common type of birthmark that affects roughly 1 in 300 babies.

Somebody Call An Air Ambulance! Why This Isn't A Futuristic Command?

If you recently heard someone yell for an air ambulance, you might think you are in the wrong time and place. After all, the only ambulances you know of are those that travel on the ground. So, how could there be an air ambulance? Actually, this is not a futuristic concept or command, and it does not require a flying bus, flying van, or flying automobile. What an Air Ambulance IS

Elderly Loved One Suddenly Hunching Over? Learn About A Possible Cause & Treatments

If you have an elderly loved one who suddenly seems to be hunching their back all the time, then you may wonder why they suddenly developed bad posture. While some people can develop bad posture later in life, that “hunch” could actually be caused by a spine curvature disorder called kyphosis. This spine curvature disorder can stem from a variety of health problems, but in the elderly, it often occurs due to spinal compression fractures.

Just Diagnosed With Dupuytrens Contracture? 2 Tips For Dealing With The Physical & Emotional Complications Of The Disease

If your doctor just diagnosed you with Dupuytrens Contracture of the hand, then you may have become overwhelmed with emotion as he or she was explaining just what having the disease means. If you had never heard of Dupuytrens Contracture before your diagnosis, then you believe that it is very rare and that you were just one of a few of the “unlucky ones” who developed it. However, this condition is more common than you suspect, and about 200,000 people in the United States alone currently have the disease.

3 Things You Should Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Physical Therapy

After an injury of the joints, bones or muscles you will probably be advised to undergo physical therapy. This is a great way to heal the body and get back to normal as quickly as possible. Although many people undergo physical therapy, not everyone has the same results. The difference relies heavily on the individual. Here are some things that you can do to get the most out of your physical therapy.

The Importance Of Physical Therapy After Suffering From A Broken Femur

The femur is the bone in the thigh that helps keep a person stable and strong. When this bone breaks, it can be a serious health problem that must be managed immediately. Treatment and the use of appropriate forms of physical therapy are an important way of recovering from this condition. Symptoms Of A Broken Femur When the femur breaks, it should be pretty easy to know: there will be severe pain, swelling, tenderness along the thigh, bruising, deformity of the leg, and even an inability to walk.

When Are Growing Pains More Than Growing Pains?

If your child often complains that his or her legs hurt, you may chalk these reports up to growing pains – the muscle twinges and aches that seem to plague all growing children at some point or another. While there are a number of innocuous reasons for leg pain, there are also a few rare but very serious diseases that can also manifest as mild leg pain, and being aware of the symptoms of these ailments and knowing when to seek medical attention can be crucial.

Live In A Bee-Heavy Area? How Can You Know If Your Infant Is Deathly Allergic?

If you live in a part of the country with a relatively high population of honeybees or wasps, you may be worried about the risk of an allergic reaction in your infant or young child, especially if you have a family history of serious allergies to stinging insects. A child’s smaller body and lower defenses to shock can mean serious injury in a matter of moments if you’re caught unprepared. How can you know whether or not your child is allergic to bees or stinging insects, and what should you have on hand to provide protection in in the event your child is stung?

Caught In The Catch-22 Of Joint Pain And Weight Gain? What Are Your Options?

Suffering from pain in your hips, knees, ankles, or lower back can leave you without the desire (or even ability) to do much exercise beyond walking. However, a lack of exercise can exacerbate weight gain, putting your sore joints through even more strain as they are tasked with the duty of carrying extra weight. What can you do to increase your exercise and reduce your weight without increasing your joint pain and pressure?

Three Crucial Nutrients For Healthy Vision

Nutrition plays a significant role in healthy vision. Your eyes rely on you getting an abundance of certain nutrients in order to keep them healthy and protect against disease. That’s why it’s always important to consume a healthy diet that consists of a wide array of nutrient-dense foods, so that you’re getting the nutrients you need for eye health. Learn about three nutrients that are imperative to keeping your eyes healthy.

Tips for Deciding Whether Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Is Right for You

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are made by people but that work like the hormones that are generated by a person’s body. They are usually spoken about in reference to women’s bodies because these hormones are a common way to treat symptoms of hormone loss, such as during menopause or after someone has gotten a hysterectomy. Here are some tips for deciding whether bioidentical hormone therapy is right for you.