Don't Let These Discouraging Beliefs Derail Your Ability To Lose Weight

One of the potential challenges of losing weight is that you can occasionally get in your own way. In other words, the discouraging thoughts that you may have can be big enough that they can derail your efforts. While it's ideal to seek help from a local weight loss center, you should also be vigilant to catch yourself when you're having a discouraging belief — and then quickly put it out of your head so that you can remain committed to reaching your goal of losing weight. Here are some discouraging beliefs that people who are trying to lose weight may experience.

"I'll Never Get There"

Given that you won't see immediate progress when you're trying to lose weight, it's easy to get feeling down and begin to think that you'll never reach your goal. The reality is that while your progress may be slow, you can indeed hit your goal — especially if you have help from weight loss professionals. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss often occurs at a pace of one or two pounds per week. Remembering this guideline means that while you won't achieve your goal overnight, you can indeed reach it if you stay focused to your meal plan and exercise regimen.

"I've Ruined My Progress By Cheating"

Many people who are trying to lose weight will occasionally cheat on their meal plans. Doing so might seem exciting at the time, but it can lead to intense feelings of discouragement afterward. While it's true that a cheat meal can put you over your daily caloric intake goals, it doesn't have to be a major issue. As long as you put the cheat meal behind you and focus on your healthy lifestyle, it shouldn't derail your goals. If you're anxious about cheating, you might wish to think about having one cheat meal every week. The presence of this meal can be helpful in keeping you from cheating during the rest of the week.

"I'll Never Keep It Off"

It's easy to think that you might struggle to maintain a healthy weight once you reach your goal — especially if you've seen people lose weight and then regain it. What's important to know, however, is that once you reach your goal, you simply need to continue doing whatever you've done to lose weight. People who regain weight will often do so because their diet plan wasn't sustainable in the long term. As long as you work on creating healthy habits instead of trying a fad diet, there's no reason to think that you won't keep the pounds from coming back.