Selecting A Mobility Scooter

As ambulating becomes more of a difficulty, you may truly be at a crossroads. You might want to continue to get around, but want something other than a wheelchair for multiple reasons. A mobility scooter will permit travel with the assistance of a power motor and a comfortable seat. However, if you’re unfamiliar with mobility equipment, what scooter issues are relevant? Number of Wheels Scooters have three or four wheels on their bases.

Tips for Deciding Whether Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Is Right for You

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are made by people but that work like the hormones that are generated by a person’s body. They are usually spoken about in reference to women’s bodies because these hormones are a common way to treat symptoms of hormone loss, such as during menopause or after someone has gotten a hysterectomy. Here are some tips for deciding whether bioidentical hormone therapy is right for you.

Do You Have Cataracts?

Have you begun to notice that your vision appears more cloudy, blurry or dim than it used to? Perhaps you also see halos around lights or feel like you have double vision in one of your eyes. If you’re an adult around retirement age, there’s a good chance these symptoms are due to cataracts. Read on to learn more about cataracts and how they’ll affect you. What causes cataracts? Cataracts are a clouding and thickening of the lens of the eye.

Diagnosing And Treating Vision Problems In Young Children

It may seem difficult to figure out if a young child needs an eye exam, especially toddlers and preschoolers that can’t always voice their difficulty seeing. The following are signs that your child may need a vision screening, along with what to expect during the exam. Symptoms of a Vision Issue The following symptoms and signs may indicate a vision problem, but it will require a visit to an optometrist to verify that the symptom is the result of an eye or vision concern.

Understanding Sinus Tarsi Syndrome: Getting The Treatment You Need

When you are an athlete who plays outdoors on uneven surfaces, there is a relatively high chance that you will roll or sprain your ankle at some point. While you may not even notice such ankle rolls when they happen, or do not take the time to deal with them, such issues can lead to other foot problems that cause persistent trouble remaining balanced on uneven surfaces, pain when placing weight on the foot, and even ankle and foot instability.

Strengthening The Core To Relieve Back Pain

If you suffer from mild back pain accompanied by occasional flare-ups, then you can find relief by strengthening your core. As this article will illustrate, this does not mean just doing crunches or other exercises geared solely to strengthen your abs.  Defining the Core In common nomenclature, the word “core” when used in reference to the body incorporates only the abdominal muscles required to create washboard abs. The problem with focusing exclusively on these muscles is that you can put too much strain on your lower back, which can lead to back pain.

Important Questions To Ask When Planning For Your Parent's Rehabilitation Services After A Stroke

If one of your parents has recently experienced a stroke, planning for their rehabilitation through intensive therapies can be the best way to encourage their recovery. However, it is important to point out that physical therapy for a senior citizen will typically differ from that of a younger person, as their flexibility and muscle strength isn’t what it used to be.  Studies have proven that three of the most significant factors that impact recovery from a stroke are:

Deciding Whether To Undergo A Spinal Fusion: What You Need To Know

Deciding whether to get a spinal fusion is a difficult choice in many cases. The operation is often elective rather than essential, so it’s typically the patient’s call. If you find yourself thinking about a spinal fusion, perhaps to relieve lower back pain or correct an abnormality, the first step is learning as much as you can about the procedure. This article examines some of the key considerations involved. Risk Factor

Treatment Options For A Foot Neuroma

If you have pain, burning, or tingling in your toes or the ball of your foot, you might have a neuroma. A neuroma is thickened nerve tissue that develops because of chronic nerve compression. Morton’s neuroma affects the nerve between your third and fourth toe. It can result from wearing the wrong kind of shoes or from repetitive motion such as jogging. You may feel like there’s a rock inside your shoe, and the sensation can be painful and annoying.

4 Must-Have Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries as ingredients in everything from medicine and beauty treatments to cleaning agents and personal care items. Even in this day and age, essential oils are valuable ingredients with a number of benefits in a variety of DIY recipes. The key to getting the most out of natural products that you make for yourself is having the right essential oils on hand. The following oils are must-haves, and can be used to in all types of useful recipes:

Short-Term Rehabilitation Centers Can Help With Joint Replacement Recovery

It is estimated that nearly 1 million Americans have joint replacement surgery performed each year. While this is a common procedure, recovering from this type of surgery can also be challenging, particularly for elderly adults. If you’re a busy working adult and your parents are having this procedure performed, knowing that they will be well taken care of is important. Short-term rehabilitation centers can help with the recovery process and offer you the confidence you need.

What To Expect After Your Total Knee Replacement

A joint replacement is a major surgical procedure on the knee. It affects all of the bones, tendons and ligaments that control the movement of your knee joint. A slow and steady recovery is key to the return of your knee’s natural movements. Here is what can expect after you’ve had this corrective surgery. The Day of Surgery The hospital staff will get you out of bed and standing shortly after your knee surgery.

Be Ready: 3 Tips To Prepare For Cosmetic Procedure

Being prepared for your cosmetic procedure is very important. You probably already read the pamphlets your cosmetic surgeon provided and asked all the questions possible. But there are a few tips that you may want to consider. The following are 3 suggestions that can help you prepare for your procedure: 1. Avoid Blood Thinning Foods Blood-thinning foods are dangerous for you, since you are going into surgery. You do not want your body to bleed too much during the procedure.

How To Prevent Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition that is usually associated with pressure buildup within the eye. This pressure buildup causes damage to the optic nerve of the eye. This damage worsens over time, eventually culminating in permanent blindness within a few years. Here are a few tips that will help you prevent glaucoma and preserve your eyesight. Exercise One way you can prevent glaucoma is by exercising on a regular basis. Not only will moderate exercise do wonders to your overall health, but it can also reduce intraocular pressure (IOP).

Keeping Your Mind And Body Healthy During And After Your First Pregnancy

If you’re expecting your first child there’s likely to be a lot of questions on your mind. Whether you’re excited or worried, making sure you have honest and accurate information from a reliable source is the first step toward ensuring you and your baby remain healthy, both during and after your pregnancy. Part of staying healthy also involves having a strong support system, and knowing who you can turn to if you begin feeling overwhelmed.