Short-Term Rehabilitation Centers Can Help With Joint Replacement Recovery

It is estimated that nearly 1 million Americans have joint replacement surgery performed each year. While this is a common procedure, recovering from this type of surgery can also be challenging, particularly for elderly adults. If you're a busy working adult and your parents are having this procedure performed, knowing that they will be well taken care of is important. Short-term rehabilitation centers can help with the recovery process and offer you the confidence you need.

Short-term Rehabilitation

Short-term rehabilitation centers help to bridge the gap between hospital and home. While your loved one will have a marked improvement of recovery during their time in the hospital, the full recovery period lasts significantly longer. For example, it takes around 12 weeks to fully recover from a knee replacement procedure.

Although your loved one won't be bedridden this entire time, they will need constant support nearby. With the demands of your personal and professional life, this can be difficult. A short-term rehabilitation center is filled with a team of highly-skilled professionals who will dedicate their time and efforts to improving the health of your loved one.

Getting Mobile Again

During your loved one's stay in a short-term rehabilitation center, the main goal is to get them mobile again. One of the reasons these centers are so unique is that they work as a center of all-inclusive care. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities don't offer full therapy services.

Short-term rehabilitation centers often offer traditional nursing care and specially-designed therapy programs. From weight bearing exercises to advanced equipment, a skilled therapist will work with your loved one to help them ease back into full functionality. Unweighting systems and ellipticals are just a couple of the options offered.

Making The Transition

For most people, the transition from being at home to living in a facility is often the greatest challenge. However, you can help your loved one with the transition. Make it a point to stress the fact that their stay in the facility will only be on a short-term basis.

While recovery lasts as many as 12 weeks, most people are able to function with less assistance by the time they reach one month. It's also a good idea to give your loved one a choice in terms of the facility they will stay at. Prior to the surgery, visit and interview staff at several facilities so that your loved one can determine which facility makes them feel the most comfortable.

Short-term rehabilitation facilities play a critical role in helping your loved one recover from their joint replacement surgery. For more information, contact companies like The Village.