Selecting A Mobility Scooter

As ambulating becomes more of a difficulty, you may truly be at a crossroads. You might want to continue to get around, but want something other than a wheelchair for multiple reasons. A mobility scooter will permit travel with the assistance of a power motor and a comfortable seat. However, if you're unfamiliar with mobility equipment, what scooter issues are relevant?

Number of Wheels

Scooters have three or four wheels on their bases. If you're hoping to move about the neighborhood or hit a few hiking trails, four wheels could be a suitable choice. However, if you plan on using the scooter in tight spaces inside your home or work locations, three wheels are better. They allow for quicker turns and take up slightly less room.

Rear- or Front-Wheel Drive

If you'll just be traveling the mall in your scooter, for instance, you may not need a strong motor or rear-wheel drive. However, if you already know the terrain you'll handle is a bit more challenging, rear-wheel drive could be vital.

Safety Features

Being in the scooter should be safe, and the controls should be easy to operate so you can maneuver safely. Seek out scooter models that come with safety features. For example, a basic feature like a horn can enable you to alert people to your presence so they can step aside and clear paths. Scooters with anti-tip features will encourage the scooter to remain upright even if you're bumped a bit by others or attempt a turn that's too sharp.

Weight Capacity

Each scooter on the market will have some recommendations about weight capacity. If you weigh more than is recommended but select a particular scooter with a lower weight capacity for whatever reason, you could in fact be invalidating the scooter's warranty. Therefore, look for and respect capacity recommendations.

Adjustable Seat Width

Above all, you should be comfortable in the scooter. Look for scooters with adjustable seat widths so that you can make the scooter more comfortable. You may also price out custom seat widths so you can find a scooter you like and then install a seat that's perfectly suited to your body.


Accessories like baskets and headlights can make the scooter even better to have. They allow you to do more with the scooter, so look at different accessories available and select some.

A scooter can keep you mobile and out in the world. Retailers can provide presentations and materials to make your scooter decision easier.