4 Must-Have Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries as ingredients in everything from medicine and beauty treatments to cleaning agents and personal care items. Even in this day and age, essential oils are valuable ingredients with a number of benefits in a variety of DIY recipes. The key to getting the most out of natural products that you make for yourself is having the right essential oils on hand. The following oils are must-haves, and can be used to in all types of useful recipes:

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been long known for its strong microbial qualities, which makes it an ideal addition to a DIY cleaner recipe. This oil is also a popular addition to homemade beauty products, such as shampoo or conditioner. Tea tree oil cannot be overlooked for its germ fighting abilities, so a few drops are often added to lip balms or skin salves to help fight off potential infections.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is naturally cooling and soothing, and also provides a bright, crisp smell to recipes that it is used in. An easy way to utilize peppermint oil during hot weather is to dilute a few drops into a carrier oil and them rub the mixture on your neck and chest to help you instantly feel cooler. There is also evidence that the smell of peppermint oil can help combat nausea, especially in women during the beginning of pregnancy. In addition, the natural soothing properties of peppermint make it a popular ingredient in sore muscle rubs, or massage oil to help reduce the severity of headaches. 


Lavender is well known for its calming effects, and many people like to use products featuring lavender oil in the evening to help induce sleep. In addition to being calming for the senses, lavender is also very gentle on the skin, and lavender oil is a great addition to homemade natural skin products. Lavender is so gentle, it can even be used in DIY recipes for skin products for babies as long as you are using a pure oil. You can get DIY recipes from a natural health care company like Living It Out.


You can boost the germ killing power of any homemade natural cleaning product by adding a few drops of eucalyptus, which has very strong microbial properties. This essential oil can also help greatly during respiratory infections. Oil can be carefully infused in a humidifier or combined with a carrier oil and rubbed on the chest to help make breathing easier during illness.