Think You Have Bronchitis? Visit An Urgent Care Center

Bronchitis is an unpleasant inflammatory condition that affects your lungs. It can vary in severity, with mild cases clearing up on their own and more serious cases persisting for a prolonged period. If you believe that you may have bronchitis, you might be unsure about how to seek medical care. This isn't a condition that should prompt you to visit a hospital emergency room, and your family doctor may not have an opening for a check-up for several days. In such a situation, visiting a local urgent care center is an appropriate step to take. The following signs can indicate that you likely have bronchitis and should seek urgent care.

Chronic Cough

One of the most difficult things about having bronchitis is that you have a chronic, heavy cough. If this is your first time with bronchitis, you may feel that your cough is unlike anything you've experienced in the past — which may be a reason that you're considering seeking medical care. Many people with this condition cough repeatedly and have trouble stopping. You might cough for several seconds at a time, perhaps to the point that you struggle to catch your breath. The cough may also have a thicker sound than your usual coughs.

Thick Phlegm

Bronchitis often causes you to cough up thick phlegm, and its presence can alert you to the severity of your condition. The phlegm will typically have a yellow or green color; you may notice that the color is darker at certain times, such as when you cough upon waking up in the morning. In some severe cases of bronchitis, blood will be present in the phlegm. This is a result of the irritation of your respiratory system as a result of your chronic coughing.

Cold Symptoms

It's common to experience one or more cold symptoms when you have bronchitis. You might have a runny nose at times, for example. Some people who have bronchitis experience aches in their body that are similar to when you have a cold. It's also common to be more tired than usual. You might feel as though you need to have a nap in the middle of the day, for example. Low-grade fevers are also prevalent for many people who have bronchitis. If you believe that you have bronchitis and you're concerned that it's not going away, visiting an urgent care center can help you get the treatment and care you need. 

For more info, visit a local urgent care center