Three Benefits Of Self-Tinting Glasses

When you shop for eyeglasses, you'll enjoy not only looking at various frames and deciding what will suit you best but also thinking about what type of lenses you want. There are lots of different options, including self-tinting lenses. These are lenses that are sensitive to the amount of light in your environment and will darken or lighten accordingly. For example, when you go outside, the lenses will darken to effectively turn your eyewear into sunglasses. Upon entering a building, the lenses will lighten. Here are three benefits of self-tinting glasses.

Cost Savings 

Some people like to buy self-tinting glasses because of the affordability of doing so. Regardless of what this eyewear costs, it will save you from having to buy two separate pairs of glasses — a pair with clear lenses and a pair with tinted lenses. Buying just one pair of eyewear rather than two pairs may save you a few hundred dollars, which can be ideal if you're on a budget. Even though self-tinting lenses tend to cost a little more than lenses without this feature, they'll cost you less than buying a second pair of glasses.


You may find that owning a pair of self-tinting glasses is a practical choice, compared to having clear glasses and sunglasses. If you were to own two separate pairs of glasses, you might feel that it's a hassle to carry both pairs around with you. For example, when you go on a picnic or attend an outdoor sporting event, you'd likely wear one pair of glasses and keep the other pair in their case in your pocket. This would allow you to switch glasses when needed, but the bulk of having to often carry a second pair could be a nuisance. With self-tinting glasses, this won't be necessary.

Less Handling

Wearing one pair of glasses for the entirety of the day, rather than switching between two pairs on numerous occasions results in you handling your eyewear far less. This can be desirable for a lot of people. If you have arthritis or another condition that compromises the dexterity of your fingers, you could find that carefully removing a pair of glasses, folding their arms, and placing them in their case is somewhat of a challenging task. Similarly, you won't have to worry about accidentally touching the lenses and causing smudges when you're not handling your glasses as often. Consider self-tinting lenses when you shop for new glasses.