Preparing For Joint Replacement Surgery

Problems with your joints can be serious issues to encounter. When these problems are particularly severe, a person may need to have the joint replaced in order to find relief from the discomfort and to restore their mobility. While undergoing joint replacement surgery can be stressful for a patient, this may be mitigated by providing them with accurate information about what they should expect from this procedure.

Joint Replacement Surgery Can Be Necessary For Improving Your Quality Of Life

Undergoing joint replacement surgery can be a major procedure for anyone. This can lead to individuals delaying this surgery for as long as possible. While it is true that the recovery period for this surgery can be several weeks to months, it can be the only viable option for addressing the needs of a patient that has suffered extensive joint damage. While individuals may assume that this surgery will always be the result of an acute injury from an accident, severe joint damage can also be the result of arthritis and other chronic conditions.

The Initial Few Days After The Surgery Can Involve Considerable Discomfort

Following the joint replacement procedure, the patient can expect a fairly lengthy recovery. The first few days to a week after this procedure can be the time when the patient will experience the most discomfort. Additionally, they may be unable to use their joint during this time. For these reasons, patients should prepare for this period as well as possible. For example, they may want to keep their medications where they can easily reach them. Preparing meals ahead of time can also help to limit the activity that you will have to do during this part of the recovery process.

Physical Therapy May Be Needed To Allow You To Fully Recover

Once the patient's recovery has sufficiently progressed, they may be referred to physical therapy sessions. These sessions will be needed to help strengthen the muscles around the replacement joint as they will be severely weakened by this procedure. Individuals can make the mistake of failing to take their physical therapy as seriously as they should. This could lead to them skipping sessions or failing to perform their home exercises. While these sessions may not be particularly fun, they can play an invaluable role in strengthening the surgery site so that you will get the best results from this procedure and reduce the risk of suffering injuries in the future due to the joint being weak.

Surgery is a common aspect of orthopedic medicine. If you have joint problems and think you need surgery, speak with your doctor.