What To Consider When Comparing Addiction Treatment Programs

The first step towards recovery is admitting that you need help, and proper addiction treatment is just the sort of help you need. If you've decided to enter treatment for your addiction, you will soon realize that there are a lot of different addiction treatment programs out there. How do you go about choosing one? Well, you can start by focusing on the following elements as you compare and contrast different addiction treatment programs.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient Care

Most patients do best when they enroll in an inpatient treatment program. An inpatient program gets you out of the environment in which you're used to using, which can help you break the habit. It also gives you a chance to focus solely on recovery without having to worry about your everyday tasks. However, if you have family obligations, you simply cannot get away from, or if you're addicted to a less-harmful substance, you may be able to get by with an outpatient program.

Family Involvement

If you live with your family, then you really want to look for an addiction treatment program that involves them. They might do this through family therapy sessions or group meetings with family members. It will be important that your family members know how to help and support you in your recovery. Some therapy programs do not explicitly involve the family, which may be okay if you live alone or aren't overly close to your family members.

Payment Options

Substance abuse treatment is often covered by health insurance, but you need to make sure the treatment center you attend accepts your insurance plan. Try calling your insurance company and asking for a list of treatment centers that they work with. This is often the fastest way to narrow things down. If you'll have to pay a copay out of pocket, make sure the treatment center accepts the form of payment you plan on using.

Therapy Modalities

Look into the various treatment modalities each substance abuse treatment program uses. Some might use cognitive behavioral therapy. Others might use 12-step programs. Do a little reading about the various treatment modalities you see listed, and see which ones sound most approachable to you.

Hopefully, the information above serves you well as you choose a substance abuse treatment program. The most important thing is that you do seek treatment and that you do stick with it.

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