Signs You Need To Visit A Pain Clinic

In many cases, patients who deal with pain can get relief from treatments recommended by their general physician. However, there are times when these first-response treatments are not quite enough, and when you could really benefit from visiting a pain clinic—a medical practice that is entirely focused on providing pain relief for patients. Here are the key signs you should head to a pain clinic.

You're having "breakthrough pain."

Breakthrough pain is pain that persists even though you are taking pain medications. For example, if you are taking an NSAID pain reliever for arthritis in your knee, but your knee still hurts, the pain you're feeling would be considered breakthrough pain. Practitioners at a pain clinic can evaluate your needs and health, and then come up with an approach that gets rid of your breakthrough pain.

This approach may be increasing your dose of medication, switching you to another medication, adding a second medication to your routine, or integrating some non-medication treatments. Don't try any of these things yourself without the guidance of a doctor. They can cause more harm than good if not implemented correctly.

You've learned your pain may be chronic.

Has your doctor informed you that the pain you experience will be present for the rest of your life? Or perhaps you have been diagnosed with a condition like gout or osteoarthritis, which you know comes with lifelong pain. In a case like this, visiting a pain clinic is wise. The doctors there will help devise a pain management strategy that is less likely to cause long-term side effects and is also likely to remain effective when used in the longer term.

You want a more natural approach.

Perhaps you are taking a prescription or over-the-counter pain medication. You may be worried about the effects this medication may have over the years. Visiting a pain clinic is a good idea in this case. The doctors there can tell you whether your concerns about long-term use of this particular medication are, indeed, legitimate. They can also look into more natural, body-friendly strategies you can use to either reduce your reliance on this medication or wean yourself off of it entirely.

While most doctors know the basics about pain relief, those at pain clinics are true, industry-leading experts on this topic. If you're dealing with breakthrough pain, chronic pain, or struggles with medications, heading to a pain clinic is a smart move.