Has Your Depression Affected Your Libido? 3 Tips To Improve Your Ability To Achieve An Erection

Depression and erectile dysfunction are common coexisting conditions in men who may struggle with a loss of self-worth or life satisfaction when they are unable to enjoy a physical relationship. Sadly, many men suffer in silence out of embarrassment or the false belief that nothing will change. When you've been struggling with depression and an inability to keep an erection, you're already one step ahead to finding happiness again by simply looking for a solution.

Look For a Physical Cause

Sexual problems are a common side effect of many medications that are prescribed to treat depression. This is because antidepressants work along the same neural pathways that affect sexual desire. You may also struggle with erectile dysfunction if your depression causes insomnia since exhaustion makes it difficult to keep an erection. Be sure to mention any sexual side effects that you notice after taking a new antidepressant or having a dosage level increased. In some cases, you may need to change medications, or you could benefit from using erectile dysfunction medicine to counteract the side effects.

Explore Your Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction that is related to depression is best addressed by utilizing multiple types of treatment. For instance, you may need to talk to a professional counselor about any negative feelings that you experience during your sexual activities. Feeling nervous, guilty or even angry about your inability to maintain an erection only makes the problem worse. Often, the combination of talking about your frustrations and using ED medicine helps you to feel more confident in the bedroom.

Focus On Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Many of the lifestyle changes you need to make to address your depression also help with erectile dysfunction. For instance, exercise helps to boost your mood while also increasing circulation throughout your body, so your erectile dysfunction drugs can work properly. Avoiding alcohol and drugs also helps to ensure that your nerve system is capable of sending and receiving pleasure signals to your brain that let your body know that it is time to generate an erection. Over time, the combination of using medicine and healthy lifestyle changes helps you to enjoy longer lasting erections that enhance your relationships.

Your mind and body are connected, and it is normal to experience sexual problems when you are learning how to manage your depression. While this is a sensitive subject, be willing to open up about the problem so that your physician can help you find the right combination of medicines and therapies to help you feel whole again.