Myths About Wearing Contact Lenses

Corrective lenses can be essential for enabling you to see clearly. However, there are many people that will simply want to avoid having to wear glasseses. Whether this is due to comfort or cosmetic concerns, patients will not have to suffer from these issues to have clear vision due to the option of using contact lenses. However, there is enough misinformation about contact lenses to cause some individuals to be unable to effectively consider whether this will be an option they should utilize.

Myth: Contact Lenses Will Be Uncomfortable To Wear

A common assumption that people will have concerning contact lenses is that the lenses will always be very uncomfortable for them to wear. While it is common for individuals to be aware of their contacts when they first start wearing them, this will quickly fade. In fact, it is common for patients to find that they completely adapt to the feeling of their contacts within a few days of starting to wear them. If you find that you are still uncomfortable wearing the contacts after several days, you may want to visit an optometrist, like those at The Eye Center Inc, as the prescription may need to be adjusted.

Myth: Astigmatism Will Prevent A Person From Wearing Contact Lenses

Many people who suffer from astigmatism will assume that contact lenses will not be an option that they can use. While this may have been true for contact lenses when they were first introduced, advances with these lenses have made it possible for individuals with astigmatism to still enjoy the benefits of wearing them. Contact lenses that are suitable for those with astigmatism will have a slightly higher price than standard contacts, but this additional cost will be fairly small when compared to the benefits of being able to see clearly.

Myth: It Is Always Harmless To Sleep In Your Contacts

Some individuals may find that putting on and removing the contacts is one of their least enjoyable aspects of wearing these corrective lenses. This can lead individuals to attempt to sleep in their lenses. Unfortunately, this can be very damaging to the eyes as it can lead to infections, scratches, and other painful problems. In order to avoid these hazards, individuals should always make sure to remove their contact lenses before they go to sleep. This can help to protect the eyes while also extending the usable life of the contacts as you will be able to soak and sanitize the contacts when you are not wearing them.