How To Avoid Scratching The Lenses Of Your Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses, whether they are made with plastic lenses or glass lenses, are vulnerable to scratches. These scratches can cost you your clear vision, thereby nullifying the purpose of the glasses in the first place. If no one has ever told you how to avoid scratching your glasses and how to care for them properly, here is the information you need.

Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners on Them

Despite the fact that a large percentage of eyeglasses still use real glass, you should not be using ammonia or more abrasive cleaners on the lenses. In fact, if you look on a bottle of doctor-approved lens cleaner, you will not see any of the expected cleaners for glass listed on its label. This is because a prescription film is layered over the lenses to help light focus correctly on the back of your eyes, and the film can be easily removed with harsher cleaners. One too many applications of these cleaners and the film is not only gone, but the glass will also begin to scratch no matter where and how you set down your glasses. That same film is applied to plastic lenses too, so use only the cleaner your eye doctor recommends.

Fold Them up and Place Them in a Case at Night

So many people have the tendency to just take their glasses off and place them on the nightstand next to the bed. While this is convenient for early morning risers and late night toileting, it is a bad idea because it just takes one swipe of your hand to knock the glasses off onto the floor. If they are glass, they could hit the floor and chip, scratch, or even crack, depending on the type of flooring you have in your bedroom. Plastic fares better, but could still get scratched or accidentally stepped on in the morning. It is best to just fold the glasses up, place them in their protective case at night, and then place them either on the nightstand or, better yet, in the drawer of your nightstand.

Protect Them in a Purse/Briefcase

If you do not need your glasses all the time and frequently carry them in a briefcase or purse, protect them. In these carry-alls, your glasses are susceptible to pens, makeup cases, etc., and are easily marked and scuffed in the hustle and bustle of daily mobility. Put the glasses in a hard shell case that closes before you put them in your purse or briefcase.

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