Regaining A Youthful Appearance: It Is All About Collagen

Collagen is a natural protein found in every body. It is a vital substance that is in the bones, skin and connective tissues and helps to hold the body together and provide structure. Collagen helps the skin to heal faster and to refresh the appearance as old skin cells die. Bad dietary habits, sun exposure and aging all reduce the rate of collagen production. This reduced level in the body is why skin begins to sag and look old. Increasing the rate of production of collagen helps to reduce the appearance of aging, but not everything will provide this benefit the way it promises. Here is the truth about the most popular methods of increasing collagen.

Collagen Lotions and Cosmetics

Moisturizing creams and cosmetics that contain collagen will not boost the level of collagen in the body. This is because collagen molecules are too large to absorb into the skin. The benefits the lotion or makeup provides, like softer skin or fewer lines, is achievable with any quality moisturizing cream. None of these products will create firmer and more elastic skin as promised. There is nothing harmful about them, so people should feel free to continue to use them if they have found a product they like.

Collagen Dermal Injections

Dermal fillers are injections placed directly into the dermis of the skin. The collagen is either derived from cows or human collagen that has been bio-engineered. The injections provide instant results and have only a few mild side effects to worry about. These side effects include puffiness and redness around the injection site. They should only be administered by a physician in a medical setting and not done at a spa or salon. 

Cosmetic Acupuncture Service

The most natural solution is with cosmetic acupuncture. This natural process is fast, easy and safe. Many patients prefer this method because it treats the entire face unlike injections that improve only the areas where the fillers are administered. Not only is collagen production boosted with acupuncture, the circulation is increased and the process is said to remove toxins from the face as well. Collagen is increased as a natural process because the body produces collagen for healing when it senses damage to the skin. The boosted levels after acupuncture treatments are the reaction of the system to the insertion of the needles into the skin. 

Collagen levels will continue to decline as people age. There is no way to stop this process through exercises, diets or lotions. Dermal injections need to be done regularly over time to maintain a youthful appearance. Most patients require multiple acupuncture treatments before they achieve the desired results and will need additional annual or semi-annual visits to maintain their look.  For more information, contact companies like The Herban Alchemist.