3 Ways To Manage Cluster Headache Pain

Are you one of the unfortunate souls that suffers from cluster headaches? Though this condition is rare and difficult to diagnose, the pain caused by these headaches can be life-altering. As you know, cluster headaches can negatively impact your mental and physical well-being, and they may leave you unable to function. Below you will find three different methods that may help you manage the terrible pain these headaches cause.

One: Heat Things Up With Capsaicin Cream

Heat is commonly used to treat many types of pain. This is because heat promotes muscle relaxation, improves circulation, and stimulates your body's sensory receptors. Thermotherapy may effectively relieve pain associated with cluster headaches.

Capsaicin cream is an over-the-counter topical ointment that can be purchased in drugstores, health food stores, and through online retailers. Capsaicin is the primary ingredient in various types of hot peppers. It may reduce the pain that stems from debilitating cluster headaches by decreasing your body's pain signals. It is important to use capsaicin cream as directed because it can cause irritation if caution is not used.

Two: Target Your Pain Using Acupressure

Alternative medicine is not everyone's cup of tea, but you may consider it when you are experiencing excruciating cluster headache pain. One alternative pain management method is acupressure; it is used to treat cluster headaches, migraines, back pain, and more. Physical pressure is applied to certain points throughout the body, and this may decrease pain. Applying pressure to these areas may relieve your pain:

  • the bridge of your nose

  • the inner corners of your eyes

  • areas throughout your temple region

  • each side of your nose

  • the mid to lower part of your neck

  • your upper shoulders

Three: Take Steps To Prevent The Pain

  • Reduce alcohol consumption. There is a link between excessive alcohol consumption and cluster headaches. Consider reducing or eliminating alcohol from your diet, especially during cluster headache episodes.

  • Reduce nicotine consumption. Oxygen is a primary form of treatment for cluster headaches. Smoking cigarettes deprives your body of oxygen. Consider trying a smoking cessation program, and avoid smoking altogether when these headaches occur.

Further Treatment For Cluster Headaches

For many people, over-the-counter treatments and preventative measures are only a very temporary solution. Seeking help from a pain management clinic or service may help you properly treat your cluster headaches. Pain management is used to target the precise spots where you experience pain, and scientifically proven methods are used to help you. Medicinal treatments for cluster headaches may include:

  • sumatriptan injections

  • local anesthetics

  • oxygen therapy

The treatment used for each individual will vary. You can get personalized and professional care for your cluster headaches by consulting a pain management clinic. Consider this option for long-term, effective relief from your debilitating discomfort. For more information on pain management, visit a site like http://www.pottershouserx.com.