3 Things To Expect At Your Baby's First Doctor Appointment

When you take your baby into the pediatrician for the very first time, you likely have no idea what to expect. You will be a brand new parent, and still learning how to care for your newborn. Your baby is generally around 2 weeks of age when they go in for their very first doctor appointment, so there will have already been some changes in them from the time that they were born. Often times knowing ahead of time what to expect out of your infant's first doctor appointment ahead of time can help you to better prepare and feel more comfortable. This article will discuss 3 things to expect at the appointment.


Since this is going to be your baby's very first appointment, you are going to need to fill out quite a bit of paperwork regarding both you and them. You will need to fill out all of their personal information, insurance information, as well as all your information and likely your spouse's information. Because of this, it is a good idea that you bring your spouse with you to the first doctor appointment, if possible, so that one of you can focus on the baby and the other can focus on the paperwork. The great thing about filling this paperwork out is that you only have to do it once and then you are done for all other appointments.

They Will Be Measured A Variety Of Ways

Since one of the key things that your child's pediatrician is going to be looking for is growth and where they are at in relation to their birth weight, they are going to measure your baby in a variety of ways. They will have you strip your baby down to their diaper and will then begin by measuring their weight. After this, their length will be measured, as well as their head size. Weight is a big one to look at to see if your baby is gaining the appropriate amount of weight from nursing or formula feeding. This information will allow your pediatrician to see if your child is right on track, or if some changes need to be made. 

Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Not only will your pediatrician have several questions for you regarding either you or your baby, but you will also be given the opportunity to ask several questions. The key when being asked questions by your pediatrician is to be honest and open, so that help can be given if needed. Also, feel free to write down any and all questions that you have beforehand so that none will be forgotten.  Contact a pediatrician, like Pediatric And Young Adult Medicine, for more help.