3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Back Strong While Pregnant

One of the side effects of pregnancy that many women experience is back pain. Carrying all that extra weight can really put a strain on your back. However, you can reduce the back pain you feel while you are pregnant with these three easy steps. 

Keep Exercising

One of the best ways to keep your back strong throughout your pregnancy is by exercising. Exercising a couple of times a week will help the muscles in your back and core strong; which is where you need the support if you want to avoid back pain.

If you were exercising before you were pregnant, you should be able to keep you the same exercise routine that you were doing before. Just make sure you do some light stretches before and after you work out, since your body is in a constant state of change.

If you were not exercising before you got pregnant, discuss with your doctor what kind of exercise would be healthy for you to start doing at this time. See if swimming, stationary cycling or walking are options that your doctor would approve of. Work with your doctor to keep an exercise plan. 

Don't push yourself too hard; the key is to stay active and keep your muscles strong and healthy without compromising your health or that of your baby. If you feel any unusual symptoms when you are exercising, stop and see your doctor.

Switch To Flats

Your center of balance is going to change while you are pregnant, which is why wearing flat supportive shoes is the way to go throughout your pregnancy. Put your heals and chunky shoes away until after you have your baby.

Instead, wear flat shoes that provide you with plenty of arch support. Your feet may swell during your pregnancy, which is why wearing comfortable shoes is key. You can still keep it fashionable though, with cute flats and stylish tennis shoes throughout your pregnancy.

Support Your Body While You Sleep

Finally, if you want your back to continue to feel great, it is important that you get a lot of sleep in the proper position. As your body grows and changes, how you sleep will need to change too. 

Once your belly really starts to pop, you are going to need to sleep on your side. Make sure that you put a pillow between your knees to take the pressure off your back. You may even want to invest in a pregnancy wedge pillow that can support your entire back as you lay on your side.

Make sure that your body is supported while you are sleeping will allow your back to relax. Just make sure that you get enough hours of sleep every night; if you are not sleeping enough, even in the right position, your back will not get the rest that it needs. 

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