4 Common Activities Used During Vision Therapy

If you suffer from lazy eye or have an eye-related problem that stems from a learning disability, then you might have heard of vision therapy. Basically, vision therapy helps to "train" your eyes to help improve your vision and cut down on these problems.

Before you can start using vision therapy, you will first need to have a very thorough eye exam done. Afterward, your eye doctor will work with you on a few different activities that are designed to strengthen your eyes. These are a few of the common vision therapy activities that you might participate in during this type of therapy.

1. Wearing an Eye Patch

Eye patches are very commonly used during vision therapy. Basically, you might wear an eye patch over one eye while using the other eye to participate in your exercises. Then, you might switch things around by wearing the eye patch on your other eye and participating in the same exercises again.

2. Wearing Tinted Glasses

Your eye doctor might have tinted glasses on hand. These tinted glasses will be worn over your eyes while you read, do puzzles or otherwise participate in vision exercises. Since the glasses are tinted, you will be able to see while working a little bit harder to do so. Alternatively, you might put a tinted plastic cover on top of reading material while you are reading for a similar exercise.

3. Looking Through Prisms

Depending on the specific eye-related issues that you are dealing with, your eye doctor will have you look through prisms while reading and conducting other exercises. He or she might change the orientation of the prisms to help better train your eyes.

4. Finding Letters

You might be given puzzles with drawings, with small letters mixed in. Basically, your eye doctor will ask you to carefully examine the drawings and look for and identify the letters. There might be other things hidden inside of these drawings as well, such as smaller drawings that you will need to find and identify inside these photographs.

Vision therapy can be a great idea for battling your eye related issues and improving your vision. Luckily, this is something that your eye doctor can help you with. If you set up an appointment with an eye doctor, you will have an eye exam done and then will participate in a few different activities to strengthen your eyes and correct your vision. For more information, visit http://www.absolutevisioncare.com.