4 Treatment Options For Getting Rid Of Hemorrhoids

Having hemorrhoids isn't anything to joke about. These tiny bumps can be extremely painful, and the bad news is that they typically don't fully go away on their own. If you have hemorrhoids and are ready to get rid of them once and for all, give these treatment options some consideration.

1. Banding

One common treatment for hemorrhoids is banding, which involves a physician taking a tiny rubber band and wrapping it around each hemorrhoid. The point of this treatment is to shut off the blood flow to each hemorrhoid, which happens almost instantly. Once the blood flow to the hemorrhoid has stopped, you only have to wait about a week or so for the hemorrhoid to shrivel up and fall off on its own.

2. Injection

Although the idea of an injection in your hemorrhoids might not seem very pleasant, it should only sting for a few seconds, just like any other injection site would. The injection's main point is to create a tiny scar inside the hemorrhoid, which will cause it to begin to close up. An injection can be a good treatment option for any type of hemorrhoid, but it's a particularly good choice for internal hemorrhoid.

3. Coagulation

A good rectal surgeon or other medical professional who is accustomed to dealing with hemorrhoids might suggest coagulation as a treatment, particularly if you have prolapsed hemorrhoids. With coagulation, a laser beam or infrared light is used to burn the end of the hemorrhoid. This will cause it to slowly close off and shrink until it disappears. Even though the idea of having your hemorrhoids burned might sound unappealing, it's actually painless and is one of the most successful methods for getting rid of them.

4. Surgery

If you have never heard of surgery for hemorrhoids, you might want to talk to a rectal surgeon about your options. Many people opt to try one of the other options first for their hemorrhoids, but surgery can be the best option for large hemorrhoids or those that are extremely uncomfortable. If you're curious about it, you should contact a rectal surgeon and ask about a hemorrhoidectomy.

Hemorrhoids can be extremely uncomfortable. You don't have to stay uncomfortable for much longer, however. As you can see, there are multiple different permanent solutions for hemorrhoids, so talk to your physician, such as Pilipshen Colon and Rectal Surgical Services, about one of these options. Then, you can find out more about getting rid of yours forever.