3 Items That Will Help You And Your Newborn Sleep Better

As a new mom it is often hard to sleep well because your newborn is likely going to be up for the majority of the night, and when they aren't awake, you will likely be awake worrying about them. This is a constant struggle that can be lessened if you use certain items. This article will discuss 3 specific newborn care items that will help you and your newborn baby sleep better, whether it be during the day or during the night. 

Video and Breathing Baby Monitor

Most new moms have a hard time sleeping because they want to be able to see their baby and make sure that they are breathing. A great item that you can purchase that will allow you to both see and know your baby is breathing when you aren't in the room is a video and breathing baby monitor. This monitor will have a camera that you place near the baby, and it will allow you to see them clearly both during the day and during the night.

The breathing monitor aspect of the baby monitor is going to be a pad that is placed under your baby's crib or bassinet. This pad will monitor your baby's breathing, and your handheld monitor will begin to beep loudly if they stop. This monitor will allow you to feel more at ease whenever your baby is sleeping, and will allow you to get some sleep too. 

Swaddling Blankets

Another great item to have that will allow your baby to sleep better is a swaddling blanket. Since your newborn baby is used to sleeping in the tight space of your womb, they will likely want to be all snuggled up whenever they are sleeping. A swaddling blanket is used to wrap your baby up nice and tight in a sort of burrito type of blanket fold. This swaddling will stop your baby from rolling over, and will make it so that they don't pull the blankets up over their face while they sleep. 

Black-out Curtains

The final item that will help both you and your baby sleep better during the day are black out curtains. These curtains are put on your window, and are created out of a certain material that blacks out all light from coming in. Since sleeping in a lighted room is often difficult, these curtains can be a huge lifesaver when it comes to napping. Your baby will think it is night, and you will be able to sleep without the sun blaring into your eyes.