How To Use Natural Family Planning To Get Pregnant Or Avoid Pregnancy

Natural Family Planning is a method used by women to figure out when they ovulate, so that they can get pregnant or delay pregnancy. The method is completely natural and requires only a basal thermometer and a basal chart to record the body's basal temperatures. In addition to temperature monitoring, women who practice this method of family planning also check their cervical fluid to find out when they are fertile or infertile.

How does natural family planning work to avoid pregnancy?

Immediately after your period ends, you should start taking your temperature every morning at around the same time, as soon as you are awake. You can take your temperature either orally or vaginally, but you must be consistent with the method used. Record your temperature on a basal temperature chart. A basal temperature chart can be obtained by doing a quick search in any search engine. You can then download and print it. Once you start charting your temperature, you should continue charting until the day your period begins again; this is where the cycle you are currently charting will end. Once the cycle is completed, take a look at your chart; any day that you see a severe dip in temperature will often mean that ovulation took place on that day. After the day of the temperature dip, you should start seeing a rise in temperature; you are infertile on those days, since ovulation has already taken place. This means that you can safely have sexual intercourse without getting pregnant.

Over a period of three months of charting, you should start seeing a pattern, and it will become easy for you to know when ovulation has taken place and your infertile period begins.

How does natural family planning work if you are trying to get pregnant?

If you are trying to get pregnant, observing your basal temperature chart should be secondary. The most important thing for you to do is to observe your cervical fluid. A careful observation of cervical fluid can help you get pregnant quickly. Every day after your period ends, you should start checking the seat of your underwear or use tissue or your fingertips to remove cervical fluid from the entrance of your vagina. Flaky, crumbly or sticky fluid means that you are still infertile and ovulation is not ready to take place. Milky cervical fluid means that you can start trying to conceive, as ovulation is nearing, and sperm can survive for up to five days to fertilize any egg released during ovulation. When cervical fluid becomes egg white and runny, ovulation is taking place. This is the best time to have sexual intercourse if you wish to get pregnant. If you do not wish to get pregnant, avoid sexual intercourse during the times when you observe milky or egg white quality cervical fluid.

Natural family planning requires that you are observant and notice the changes that take place in your body. This requires some effort; however, natural family planning has the advantage of being completely natural and safe. Speak with experts like Abortion Care for more advice about family planning.