Should You Go To A Physician-Owned Hospital? 4 Benefits Of Doctor-Owned Facilities

Physician-owned hospitals like Nueterra are becoming more and more common these days. These facilities are owned by a group of doctors who get together to start their own hospital. There are several reasons doctors do this, from having the desire to implement their own level of patient care to having the ability to govern themselves. There are many benefits of attending one of these facilities that you may want to consider:

Decisions Can be Made Quickly

One great thing about going to a physician-owned hospital is the fact that you will not have to wait very long for your healthcare decisions to be made. Since your doctor is right there, there is no need to have to wait around for a call in to a doctor's office to make a determination on how to proceed with your care. Also, these facilities are often smaller than traditional hospitals, so there is usually a faster wait time when it comes to tests, surgeries, and other procedures.

The Physicians is in Charge of the Staff

Another benefit is the fact that the doctors have a significant hand in choosing the staff. This often leads to a good rapport between everyone and ultimately a good experience. In addition, doctors may have a certain type of nurse of technician that they need for a specific field of healthcare. The medical experience allows the physician to better vet the candidates and find someone with the perfect type of experience that is needed in the facility.

Doctors Have a Role in Management

Physician ownership of a hospital also benefits greatly due to their enhanced knowledge of what is needed to effectively run a hospital. In traditional facilities, the operations or materials management director is charged with ordering the supplies and equipment. Those doctors have to use the equipment that is provided for them or bring in the items that they may need for a procedure, such as a certain set of clamps or braces. However, in physician-owned hospitals, the doctors have a hand in exactly what items should be ordered in order for them to best do their job and provide the best quality services as possible.

Patients Feel Empowered

One of the best benefits to being treated at one of these facilities is the fact that patients and doctors can build a closer relationship when communicating about patient care. This clear and precise communication, without the input of others who are not directly involved, allows the patient to feel empowered about their care and allows them a say in how decisions are being made.

Physician-owned hospitals can be a great resource, especially if your doctor is one of the owners. If you think you want to go to one of these facilities, be sure to find out if your insurance is accepted and if there are any specialists in the hospital that can care for your specific needs.