There's An App For That – Excellent Apps For Home Healthcare Professionals

Home healthcare professionals face many challenges as they move from place to place caring for patients in their homes. However, new apps offer excellent tools that empower home care teams. Visiting nurses, home healthcare aids, and mobile therapists will all appreciate the way apps can make home care easier. The following types of apps offer excellent benefits to home healthcare professionals.

Medical Diagnostic Apps

Multiple diagnostic apps are now available for medical professionals, and they're especially handy for medical professionals working in home healthcare. In fact, the FDA has cleared several apps for diagnostic use. Diagnostic apps make it easy for medical professionals to enter signs, symptoms, or lab results into a search tool, which then provides a list of potential results. Other medical diagnostic apps make it easy for medical professionals to examine results from computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and other types of technology, making it easy to make a diagnosis, even when away from the office.

Mobile Charting and Medical Records Apps

Mobile charting and medical records apps make it easy for home healthcare professionals to access patient charts and records from mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Not only can medical professionals access charts and records, they also have the ability to update patient information from a mobile device. These types of apps also make it easy to track labs and studies, synchronize patient data, and write procedure notes.

Medication Guide Apps

It's always helpful for healthcare professionals to have a medication guide on hand, and apps make it easy to access drug reference information on mobile devices instead of carrying around print medication guides. Both free and paid medication guide apps are available. These apps provide drug information, including potential side effects, adverse reactions, drug interactions, precautions, and warnings.

Navigation Apps

Since home healthcare professionals spend so much time driving to and from the homes of patients, navigation apps prove helpful. Simply type in a patient address and a navigation app can provide turn-by-turn directions, which can be a huge time saver.

Mileage, Time and Expense Tracking Apps

Most mobile healthcare professionals keep their smartphone with them at all times, so smartphone apps are the perfect way to keep track of mileage, time, and expenses. Tracking apps make it easy to log mileage, providing users with the ability to note the date, number of miles traveled, and the purpose of the trip. Simply enter the number on the odometer and the app does the calculations. Track time by entering the date, project, and client, and then start the timer when you start the job.

Technology has a lot to offer individuals involved in the home healthcare profession. For health professionals, like those at Always Dependable, that want to make mobile healthcare easier, there's an app for that.